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BBC LANCASHIRE interview: aired nov 25th

Lovely interview, kind of biography written and told by John Waite personally. Topics are his childhood days in Lancaster. Growing up in a terrace cottage house over looking the fields. Telling about his father, mother and brother Jo, en Niece Mary and Cousin Michael who played and got famous in his own right with The Temperance Seven. His first record Apache. But also Love for cowboy music. And how Alison Krauss bought and framed the Marty Robbins album  More Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs  for Christmas. listen and learn about John Waite and his insights on Lancaster.


November 2013.
Fabulous performance : John Waite Suicide Life.
HD Quality with sound quality thats fantastic.
taken from the When You Were Mine Album.
Written in New York when John lived in the The Leonori  Building on Madison.
He pointed the building out to me the last time when we met in Februari

 photo cid_939E538FBC524270A7C229274BA4161BKramerPC_zps9569a6e6.png

New interview with John Waite in the latest Fireworks Magazine !!
read the full interview here:


John Waite a name that conjures up many things to many people. Lead singer with The Babys and Bad English. A solo artist with multi million selling albums and a hit single that was number one around the world. John Waite is also a man who even after thirty and more years in the music business, still wants people to enjoy his music. He talks with Ian Johnson about the early years, his new album and surprisingly Canal Barges.


Can I first ask you John, why another live album rather than a studio one.

Purely inspiration Ian, these guys inspire me and it was an artistic choice to go out and record a live album with this band. It was never about making money or anything like that I just wanted to get what we had down on tape. You never know whats going to happen tomorrow, anything could happen, the band could break up someone could get knocked down (laughs), so I just wanted to capture the moment of playing live with these guys.

Talking of the new band members Keri Kelli is a hell of an addition, he really is a great guitarist. What can you tell us about him.

Well what happened was that we had a vacancy in the band and he came along and filled it, simple as that. A good friend of mine a DJ called Jacky Bam Bam, told us about the guy so we invited him over to a friends house where we jammed for a couple of hours and it was apparent really quickly that this guy could play. When he knew he was coming over hed learnt about eight or nine of my songs and even though he wasnt song perfect, I reckon we could have played live that night because he is that good a player.

To tell you the truth Ian, that was our only rehearsal together before we performed the live shows, we never played together until we did a live show a couple of months later. I just gave him and the other band members about fifteen or twenty songs to learn which they did and then we just got up on stage and played. I think we play together well, Im singing a lot better now than I have for years and hes a great guitar player and the other fellas are very tight on stage, so everything seems to be working out for us. Also when your onstage as a singer you need to know that you have the best guitarist you can have at your side and vice versa, luckily over the years I have had just that, the best.

The live album was recorded in two parts the first in an old Philadelphia Church called Philly Sound, which is also a radio station and the second part in Manchester New Haven. You also opened the doors to anyone who wanted to come for free, why did you do this.

Again it was the DJ Jacky Bam Bam who invited us to play. Id been thinking of a new live album even before Keri came along and when this opportunity came up I thought why not. Tim Hogan my bass player is from Philly and he was up for it, so the idea for a new live album took shape from this. Jacky then went on air and invited anyone who wanted to come down to the recording studio and watch us play to come. The place only holds about 400 people but it was packed out and it was so hot in the place that the instruments started to go out of tune because of the heat. Im really proud that on the whole alum there is only one overdub and thats just a technical thing. What you hear is a totally live album.

You handled the production yourself and it has that wonderful raw feel that a proper live album should have, are you happy with the sound and how the album turned out.

I am Ian, what you get on the album is just us, a band playing live. I dont use a lot of effects on my vocals and I dont like guitar players who use tons of effects either. The guys I have been lucky to play with are great guitarists who know how to play without lots of gimmickry. And thats the John Waite band when it plays live its a warts and all experience. I really wanted a 70s sound on the album and in a live situation I strive for that sound as well. I write music that can be played in a van driving up the M1, my songs are rock n roll songs and I hate stuff that is too overproduced, or live albums that have had so much work done on them in the studio, that there isnt any live stuff left on them. The hardest thing for me during the making of this album was editing the album and deciding what songs to put on it. When I sat down you see to choose what was going to go on the album, I didnt want to just put out a best of or greatest live hits album, instead I wanted a straight from the shoulder live release with great songs on it and hopefully thats what Ive done.

I imagine that with your back catalogue of work with The Babys, Bad English and your solo career, that it is hard for you to sit down and choose a set list that will please everyone. Or do you choose a set of songs that will please John Waite and hope the fans like what your doing.

No what tends to happen is that I try to do quite a lot of my solo stuff then I add in a couple of Babys tracks here and there and a few Bad English ones if were doing a long show. But no I dont pick songs just for myself, the show is all about the fans if they are happy then so am I. What I try to do is pick stuff that suits the band and its playing style. Sometimes youll put something in a set and someone in the band your playing with at the time just doesnt get the song for whatever reason, so you have to change that song so that the vibe within the band when it plays live is a good one. If they dont get it whats the point of arguing about it? Instead we pull the song and try a new one. Playing in any band is a give and take situation. I always like choosing songs that have great lyrics and when you play them in a live setting, you feel a great energy and buzz coming from the band and audience as they are played. Like Wild One which I love but had to leave off the album because as I mentioned earlier it was so hot in the Church, that Tims bass I think went out of tune during the track and I didnt want to fix it in the studio.

Off topic a little John. When you were in The Babys and Bad English did you ever feel that you and those bands didnt get a fair chance, with record company politics etc.

To tell you the truth Im not sure if anyone else could have survived all the crap that went on and still would want to continue in this business. I do this because I love it. I love singing, and playing music and the strange thing is that as all that crap was going on, I had a worldwide hit single where I sold two or three million singles. But what you gonna do Ian. Whatever we did in those bands nothing seemed to go right and Id rather leave that question for others if you dont mind.

No Problem John.

If I may though, what do you think of Tony and Wally reforming the Babys and were you asked to join.

They did ask and over a two year period there were a lot of e-mails flying around but Im very comfortable with being John Waite the solo artist and I really didnt want to go back and re-tread the old stuff once again. Saying that though Ian, I still think our last couple of Babys albums were five years ahead of anything else around at the time. Ive also heard the new song by the guys and its very good and I wish them all the best with it. I still respect Tony and Wally a lot, and I hope that they have a great time with it.

Can I ask what is John Waite the solo artist going to do next. Another live album a world tour a studio album, or all of them - what?

Im going to wait for a little while and see how the live album goes. Ive had some of the best reviews in my career for this album but as we all know you can get great reviews for something and then the boat can sink. Speaking of which if the album doesnt succeed and things dont go well I might just pack it all in (a gasp of no from me). I remember you see those long summers in England and watching the barges and narrow boats on sailing along those English canals. I might just buy myself one of those if things dont work out with the album and instead Ill tour the waterways of England on my barge. Its something I have always wanted to do, so I might take a year off and spend it on the canal. I bought a book last year all about the heritage of the canals and when I do get to come back home to Lancaster (North West, England), I spend a lot of time walking by the side of the canal. So maybe if the new CD doesnt take off thats what Ill do.

Im not blowing my own trumpet Ian but I think this is a great live album but we live in a bullshit showbiz world and if this album doesnt work, I feel that Im probably banging my head against a wall for nothing.


Talking of the North West of England and your home town of Lancaster, when can we see you over here playing live once again.


Well Ian, I played there a few years back with my American band which I loved but the problem was you couldnt get hold of my albums anywhere at all. The local record shops didnt hold any of my stuff, which stops people knowing who you are, which then stops them coming to your shows. So in a way thats why I put this album out via I-Tunes, so I could sidestep all that record release and availability bullshit. If you dont have any product available in a record store you dont have a presence and no one wants to come and see you. I love getting music from the internet. You can get the stuff you want right then and there, which helps you to keep your profile up and running, so when you do a tour people are excited and want to come and see you. In a nutshell if the album sells then Ill tour everywhere I can.


I found it interesting that youre a fan of downloading albums from I-Tunes etc. Would you ever then consider going down the pledge route and asking the fans to pay for you to record another album.


God no Ian. What if it was a load of rubbish, what if I took the money and made a shit album. No I dont understand the pledge thing, these days you can if you know what your doing make an album for about £10,000 maybe less. If you can do it this way, then its up to you to make it the best you possibly can. If someone else is paying and they cant get in touch with you to say let me hear what youve done so far and if no ones there to say thats shit do it again, you could get away with murder. Im not saying any one has or will do this but personally Id rather make my own records and then let everyone decide if its good or bad. Lets face it with just a little knowledge these days, you can sit in your garage/bedroom working at your computer and make great music. The good thing about this, is that the record companies are now on the back foot because people dont need them like they used to. You can do what you want, when you want and surely thats what rock n roll is all about.


I know youre a big fan of country music. Have you ever thought of doing a purely country album.


I have Ian, I love the storytelling that those guys put into their music and as you know Nashville is the hit song capital of the world. Its strange now though because country rock sounds more like the stuff I do, than I do and because of this I now want to make more rock sounding albums that country ones. Again Ive been lucky to have been able to play at the Grand Ole Oprie with Vince Gill and Alison Krauss and that was something special but again how do you top that. Maybe Ill go a different route and do a blue-grass album instead of a mainstream country one but with a very dark edge to the songs. I know a lot of rock musicians who have moved there because thats where the money for good songs is but you also have to be wary because its a very straight laced Christian place, that has this attitude of, if your not from here or the South, then youre an outsider no matter what you do. You just have to work around that.


A question Ive been lucky to ask recently is did you ever think that youd still be making music all these years after you first started in the business.


Good God no. I knew I always wanted to do something creative when I was growing up. I went to art college because I wanted at that time to be a painter but whilst at college I started a band and music became my life. All I wanted to do from then on was play on a record, even if it was just for the one time. I knew that I had to make an album. If this happened I thought that even if it didnt work out and I had to go back to my old life, then it wouldnt be so bad and I could settle down in Lancaster get married live in a cottage and do normal things I suppose. but. I went off to America for about five months looking for the right band to be in and then I came home and helped to form The Babys. The rest as they say is history. Im especially glad of those early years because thats where I learnt to be a song writer and when youre a song writer, it then helps you to become a better singer. You learn your craft over the years and your life becomes part of your work and even as rocky as my road has been, Ive enjoyed almost every single minute of it. So the roundabout answer is that no I just cant believe it.


Finally John I really hope that everything goes well with the album and we do get to see you and the band on tour.


Thanks Ian, its been great to talk with someone from the North of England again and if things dont work for me and the album, you can always come and wave to me as I chug by on my barge. 

October 18th 2013
Some random performances from John Waite and his band
First one(s) are from last week a private concert for winners from Rock Cellar Magazine
Head First and Money ( the last one is a rare performance!!!!)

Midnight rendez Vous.


Second from a week before its the Vince Gill song Whever You Come Around
John Waite - Whenever You Come Around - October 5, 2013 at Feather Falls Casino in Oroville, California
Third one from Sault Ste Marie:
Its Everytime I Think Of You
The Hard Way: the full video, never sen before !
Everytime I Think Of You !!! live this month
September 21th 2013
New interview with John Waite from the Rock Magazine:
Quote from this magnificent interview about John Waite "going country "
Question :Would you ever do a pure country album?

John: I sang with Alison Krauss on a couple of her albums and I would love to do it, but one of the reasons I did All Access Live is because everyone has gone country, so the only honorable thing for me to do was to make a rock record.  I’m like that…if the trend goes one way, then I go the other. 

I made an album called When You Were Mine in 1996 that has strong acoustic values, and tells stories, and it was completely different to what I had done before.  I would like to go back and review that and do something like that next, but I don’t think you will ever hear me singing with banjos. 
Pict of Nello's : opposite of this restaurant is where John Wrote "when you were mine  album"
The Leonori  Building on Madison.
 photo IMG_1027_zpsfd3d800a.jpg
read the interview here : No One To Blame But Himself: An Interview with John Waite

 September 7th 2013!
New interview in the British magazine called Song writing Magazine. 
This interview gives a nice insight in how John Waite gets his inspiration
You can read the whole interview with John Waite here:
Song Writing Magazine
 photo johnwithmagazine.jpg
August 26th 2013
This is the release of London Town. As a well written tribute to the beautiful British city.
Written by John Waite and  Mark Spiro.
This is a fabulous, fantastic, formidable, pristine, christal clear composition. With story telling lyrics describing every elementary detail of the city.
It's like a walk in the city!!
The melody is embraced with care by the British most leading vocalist.
With a flavour of Beatles influences!
From the same string of songs written at the same time in New York: I've got faith, Extasy, How did I get by Without You and Julia.
August 4th 2012

 Brand new World ( clip)

Brand new World is a song thats  not yet released. written in 2006
(Waite, Whorley, Johnson, Johnson, Montgomery)
© Copyright 2011
at The Pop Machine, Indianapolis, IN
Produced by Eric Klee Johnson, Marc 
Johnson, and John Waite
Mixed by Eric Klee Johnson
Vocals - John 
Drums - Kenny Aronoff
Bass - Eric Klee Johnson
Guitar - Marc 
Hammond Organ - Kevin Silva
August 12th 2013!!

new interview with John Waite in Mayhem Music Magazine


Mayhem Music Magazine: You’ve had a career that has spanned over four decades, form The Babys in ‘76 until your solo career, as well as your time with Bad English. Looking back, are there any parts of your career you wish you would’ve done differently?

John:  Alot, a man that says "He has no regrets,” is an idiot. But the fact that we are still talking about The Babys thirty years on, how can you argue with that? I mean,I looked like that. Nobody dressed me. I was wearing vests, suit jackets, I had an earring. And then my boots were made in Kensington, even when I hadn’t got enough money to eat. I mean, that's what I looked like. Nobody said "Look like this.” That’s what I wanted. I think a lot of people construed that as being some sort of record company front, but nobody spoke with me from the record company. I just did believe that I was right. I wrote a song once called "World in a Bottle” and the end, it had a very weird time signature, orchestral thing. I had to go in to meet the conductor, and from the full orchestra, on the Soundstage, to explain the time signature to him, because he couldn’t get it.

Read the whole interview here :
Mayhem Music Magazine Aug 2013
Mayhem Music Magazine Aug 2013

 August 3th 2013
John Waite in Billboard !!

John Waite Talks New Live Album,

Co-Writing Love and Theft's 'If You Ever Get Lonely'  

John Waite Unearths Old Tunes, 'Punk Energy' for New Album
      John Waite Unearths Old Tunes, 'Punk Energy' for New Album      
 Rock veteran John Waite has his eye on two different projects
-- in two different formats these days. On the recording front,
the English musician has just released a new live album
entitled "Live All Access."
The singer tells Billboard that the decision to record a live album
stemmed from the positive vibes he has felt playing
with a new guitarist in his band by the name of Keri Kelli.
"Kerri came to us a few months ago.
 He had played with Alice Cooper and Slash.
He came to say hello, and we clicked, and played
some dates together.
 About two months into it, he really kind of got it.
 It’s a tough thing to be in a three piece band with a singer.
 It’s like everyone having their own corner in a boxing ring.
 You can’t take your eye off the ball for a second.
You’ve got to really be in the moment,
 and be able to improvise.” he stressed.
Apparently, Kelli got the hang of it.
 "We got to that point very quickly, and after about two months,
 it went through my head that I needed to record it,
 even if we just gave it to radio,
 or put it on b-sides or bonus tracks.”
What started as just a few tracks would up becoming much more.
 "It turned into a record. I booked time in Philly Sound,
 which is an old church in south Philly that has a studio to the side
 of it that holds about 350 people.
On the radio, we announced a free gig, bought about three kegs of beer.
 That got the audience slightly off of their legs,
we rocked the house,” he said with a laugh.
Though his feelings have changed about the travel involved
 getting to a show, that time on stage is still priceless.
 "It’s the reason you do it. Flying is so miserable these days.
 You have to go through security, and get up at the crack of dawn.
Also, we’ve seen a lot of America. When you’re a kid,
you wanted to see Detroit, or New York City.
 There’s things you made a list of, like seeing
the Ryman in Nashville.
 Once you’ve got that crossed off, and you’re familiar with
 the territory,
 it’s about the show. When you’re young, it’s about everything
 and the show.
 Everything else just gets in the way of getting to the show.
 You walk out, and do the most incredible things out of adrenaline.
 Whether you have a cold, or you feel like a million bucks,
 you give it everything you got.”
Waite is also watching the chart progress of the latest single
from country duo Love and Theft, "If You Ever Get Lonely.”
 which he helped to write. "I’m thrilled about it,” he said.
 "Every time we announce the song from the stage,
we give them a plug. I’ve always loved Country, folk,
and the acoustic end of music.
Western music was really my roots.
Marty Robbins was one of the first singers that really hit me hard.
Love and Theft seem like great guys, and work seven days a week.
 They’re always on the road. They deserve a hit, whether
 I wrote it or not.
 It would be a lovely thing to see it go all the way,” he says hopefully.
Nashville has been a place of artistic triumph for the singer.
 He has enjoyed a top 40 remake of his 80s classic,
 "Missing You” with Alison Krauss, which led to an even bigger
 experience. "I played the Ryman with Alison,
and Vince Gill came on and guested on guitar.
 It was like stopping a clock, one of the biggest moments of my life.
 It meant so much to me.” He also says he has fond memories
of being exposed to the music of bluegrass legends
 Del McCoury and Larry Sparks.
"They are such amazing musicians, and genuine people,” says Waite.
The singer just returned home to California after a trip back home
 to Lancaster, England to visit his mother.
 He says he finds it ironic that when you enter the town,
the first thing you see is none other than Kentucky Fried Chicken!
 "I was back there, and they are repainting that.
I hate seeing that coming into such an ancient town.
 We have a castle and everything,
 They repaired the whole front, so it looks pretty good now!”

July 31th 2013

Exiting news !
John  Waite has released the remastered single for If You Ever Get Lonely.
There is a remake done by Love and Theft that is currently high in the country charts.
But this is the original !
Please take a listen on Itunes and download the single!
Its magnificent!!

 photo lonelyremaster_zpsf46dc5cc.jpg  photo 87d29309-d94c-4d99-b660-a322447e18be_zpsba4ef4c7.jpg

July 27th 2013!!

John Waite has been very active in promoting his new tremendous live album 'All ACCESS"

There are four (4 !!) new extensive interviews done by John Waite this week.
Interviews about his past, The  Babys reuniting and why he will never take part in this come back. To whom Missing you was really written etc.
The interviews are --> with links to them for your enjoyment:
1. Well Wort The Waite: by Ken Sharp   
2. Culture Brats by Duffmano  
3. In The Studio With Redbeard  
4. RockEyez by Brian Rademacher  

New interview for JOHN WAITE!!

John Waite will be on Rockline Radio on July 31th 2013.
And offcourse you can listen to the replays of this magnificent interview afterwards.
John Waite gives some insights on his career and the new album John Waite All Acces.

Hosted by Bob Coburn

To listen click on the logo's below!!!

 photo rocklinelogoblack_zps2cb569ef.jpg

 photo rockstore_zps9d976c65.gif

Juli 19th 2013
fantastic live performance of from John Waite at the Fraze Pavilion @ Kettering Ohio.
Well written review, blasting video's and pics here!!
Kettering Fraze Pavilion 2013

 photo the-beginning-of-something-new_zpsc88f5cac.png Live album out now!

 photo image001_zpsbd8a635b.png

John Waite said : " it was a great time. Kerri had been working his way into the songs. The energy was worth recording. I took a shot at capturing the energy. We were having a blast and it shows in the performance. I think it was a golden time. It cost a small fortune to record and some of the shows were just so good it was worth going after. The band has come a long way and I would like to continue to put something out every 8 months. It's a great record..... Raw, no overdubs or bullshit. It's the truth!!!! "

Buy the album on  ITUNES  

Or click on the ALBUM   : GO !!!

 photo bd0dfda2-e8b7-40d9-95fd-2d76c3fa872a_zps08c502e4.jpg

June 8th 
After the show with Styx.

Tommy Shaw, Ricky Phillips and John Waite
 photo withrickytwo_zps7dd9d1f3.jpg

Freedom Hill June 8th 2013
With Head First
Every Time I think Of You
Missing You

With Ricky Phillps ( Styx, former The Babys)on Jun 8th: Pic sent by John.
 photo WithRicky_zps3c133dec.jpgJune 8th 2013        photo the-beginning-of-something-new_zpsc88f5cac.png
John Waite has revealed the title of the new live album, which he's been working on for some time now.
In this interview he says the title will be :
We will be sharing all information soon, as the final artwork for the album is approved by John Waite. But it looks great , I can tell.

 photo cb2ff981-8f76-4b13-8a13-17009893ba9e_zps4f977f05.jpg
May 11th 2013 . 

Show at North Myrtle beach !

This is John Waite performing Missing You.
With some beautiful shots of the Meet and Greet.
And the enthousiastic crowd dancing along with the song.
The pics are shot by John Currie, showing John with a new short haircut !!

 photo 942980_4568580266440_1728054424_n_zpscc68a601.jpg

Photo credit John Currie.

April 26th 2013

a great  on video recorded  interview with John Waite.
  • Skyward rereleased as is If You Ever Get Lonely
  • John bought the Rough and Tumble album back from the  record company
  • The live album will be released this summer 2013 on Sony
  • The best singer according to John Waite : Allison Kraus.
  • And more !! enjoy !!

Plus pictures Riverside Park.

wouter27's Riverside album on Photobucket

April 13th 2013

An interview , originally in German, but translated in the English for us all to read in The Break Out Magazine of 1992.
Its about the deminish of the super band Bad English
John Waite gives his version of that break up !
Break Out Mag 1992 Interview 

Another interview but from a recent area: The Rough and Tumble release on Frontiers
This is the interview that was posted along with that release
very interesting to read !!!
Rough and Tumble Frontiers

April 6th.

New (old) article about Bad English debut release from 1989 surfaced!!

Its from te leading German Rock magazine Break Out
They feature the debut album on the cover, and some magnificent reviews which you'll find underneath translated in to English by my friend Christian von Hopffgarten.

 photo BreakOut9-89Part1-BadEnglish_zps73c83518.jpg


Source:            Break Out

Edition:           9

Year:                1989

Pages:             pages 28-29 Bad English centerfold, page 41 three different debut reviews


The magazine included in this edition a centerfold poster of the band photo, that is also used on the debut cover. On Page 41 the three different authors review the debut album. This section was called "Parallel Proof". The following is the translation of those reviews:

Frank Heukemes

If bands like AC/DC, THE CULT, AEROSMITH and LED ZEPPELIN belong to your idols and if in recent times only albums by GUN'S 'N' ROSES, BADLANDS or DANZIG found their way on your record palyer, you may have problems to get the groove listening to a classic mainstream production. This won't happen with BAD ENGLISH and their debut, that contains keyboard parts and highly sophisticated melodic arrangements that are anything else than boring. Producer Richie Zito - known for his collaboration with CHEAP TRICK - took care of preserving the edges and some roughness. Probably this hasn't been to diffcult working with Neal Schon, one of the few mainstream guitar players, who know how to keep some rock in aor music. Schon's former JOURNEY pal Jonathan Cain delivers refined keyboard sounds and his variations never seem to be superflous. First time I heard of drummer Deen Castronovo must haven been six years ago listening to the debut of the WILD DOGS. Well, the drummer has not lost his punch. Albeit BAD ENGLISH are an extremly airplay oriented band, Castronovo plays very heavy; an ace among the drummer's elite. Naturally a gathering of such extraordinary players needs to be crowned with a first class vocalist: John Waite (THE BABYS), who is well known among fans of american rock music. Ricky Phillips on bass guitars completes this line up of experienced musicians. Right from the start "Best Of What I Got" leaves no doubt about what the listener will get during the next hour: Highly melodic hard rock with e perfect balance between the guitar and keyboard ingedients. I am reminded of Ted Nugent's album 'Predator'. Hopefully this debut does not share the same fate of Nugent' masterpiece: neglect on the german market. This parallel proof shoul d arouse your awareness of the class of tzhis album. Three Break Out writers are rarely of the same opinion, especially when two of them usually favour classic rock and thrash metal. 

Chris Glaub

In an era where Sleaze and Glam rule the music scene in the U.S. and speed and thrash metal become trendy BAD ENGLISH are the glorious exception. Rich AOR oriented mainstream rock in the succesful style of bands like FOREIGNER, REO SPEEDWAGON, JOURNEY, NIGHT RANGER and LOVERBOY seems to be their mission. BAD ENGLICH are anything but newcomers dut to the fact that the band consists of experienced members of JOURNEY and singer John Waite, who has been successful with his solo career. Besides, the multi talented Neal Schon just recently published the extraordinary solo album 'Late Night'. One might wonder, where the source of his creativity is. Everyone, who wanted BAD ENGLISH to be the JOURNEY folow up, might be disappointed. The band creates a sound of its own and Waite's vocals establish a trademark, that is closer to his solo releases than to JOURNEY. Principally it is inappropriate to highlight single songs of this remarkable record, but anyone should give a listen to the rocking midtempo tracks 'Best Of What I Got' and 'Heaven Is A 4 Letter Word' as well as to the ballad 'When I See You Smile'. No one less than Richie Zito, who worked with EDDIE MONEY in the past, produced. BAD ENGLISH debut offers more than sixty minutes of first class music without any fillers. It deserves the label 'special value'.

 Markus Baro

May we serve another super group? Without hesitation BAD ENGLISH can be called 'super group' . That's why this debut did not end up as our monthly newcomer tip. Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon have been essential for JOURNEY's sound and John Waite can look back on four mainly excellent solo albums in his discography. The line up is completed by the sought after session drummer Deen Castronovo and bass player Ricky Phillips. It's quite obvious that nothing less than above average rock music could be the result of this debut, that reshapes the genre. Thirteen tracks and a playing time of more than sixty minutes cover rich hard rock ('Forget Me Not, 'Ready When You Are', 'The Restless Ones') as well as pittoresque and soulful ballads ('Possession', 'The Price Of Love', 'When I See You Smile'). It is difficult to highlight songs, because there is not a single filler. The most potential as an upcoming radio hit may lay in melodic tracks like 'Heaven Is A 4 Letter Word' and 'Ghost In Your Heart'. Although known for his work with CHEAP TRICK and EDDIE MONEY, Richie Zito's production is not overly smooth and maintains the essential rough edges in the music. This lets the album stand out of many other albums of the genre. It is astonishing that the album tends more to the musical style of John Waite's solo records than to the sometimes ostentatious and overtwisted element's of JOURNEY's music. Keyoboarder Jonathan Cain only sporadically seeks the spotlight ('Tough Times Don't Last'). Even Neal Schon plays modestly and his voluminous, heavy guitar sound adds a nice flavour to the sound instead of dominating it. Nevertheless his masterclass is heard in any tone. As the last chords of the calm 'Don't Walk Away' end the album, one thing is definite: BAD ENGLISH      offer more than an hour of pure rock and forego any of the typical image obscurities of the genre. Any complaints?

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March 31th 3013.
Full video performance of the March 30th show in the Coach House.
Look here:
Coachhouse San Juan Capistrono
Preview with Everytime I Think Of You! 
John Waite - Vocals and Guitar
Shaun Hague - Guitar
Rhondo - Drums
Timothy Hogan - Bass
Debby Holiday - Vocals  --> female backing vocals on most of this songs
Debby Holiday: outstanding on Everetime I hink Of You
 photo Debby2_zpsbbba5484.jpg


Februari 24th 2013.
A night out with the band
private pics and official pics ( Simi Friedman) of The Iridium Show Februari third
follow this link
Including a clip of the new song : Brand New World
John Waite:Nello Madison Square
Febr 23th 2013.
This is the almost full cataloque of the februari first show in The Palace Theatre in Manchester (USA)
Some of the footage will be used in the upcomming new live album for John Waite.
Songs like:
Rough And Tumble
Saturday Night
Everytime I Think Of You
Missing You
If You Ever get lonely
When I se You Smile
head First
Palace Theatre- Febr first
Februari 14th 2013.
John Waite's Missing You in "Warm Bodies "The Movie
John Waite was interview by Entertainment Weekly Magazine february 13th:

Rocker John Waite went to the movies in Los Angeles a couple of days ago to see Warm Bodies. His 1984 hit "Missing You” plays during a pivotal part of the Jonathan Levine film–a moment where the action shifts from the terrifying to the tender. "I was really very pleased,” says Waite. "It’s a great movie.”

For those who haven’t yet seen it, the movie is based on the Isaac Marion novel of the same name and takes place after an unnamed catastrophe has obliterated much of the planet, leaving behind a population of zombies. One in particular, R (Nicholas Hoult) eats the brains of Julie’s (Teresa Palmer) boyfriend, ingests his memories, and falls in love with her. Because he’s a zombie he can only grunt and groan, so music plays an important part in the wooing process. The soundtrack for the film is filled with welcome surprises: "Patience” by Guns ‘N Roses, "Hungry Heart” by Bruce Springsteen, "Rock You Like Hurricane” by the Scorpions and "Midnight City” by M83.

But, says Jonathan Levine, the "Missing You” addition almost didn’t happen. "I’d love to take credit for this, usually I do for music but that’s something my music editor put in. I’ll take credit for liking it,” says Levine, who had written "I Remember You” by Skid Row into the script for that scene. But, he says, "It didn’t work rhythmically and we put ["Missing You"] in and everything just clicked.”

Waite says that he wrote the lyrics to the number one song in about ten minutes. "I took the first line of the song from a baby’s song–every time I think of you–to get me going,” he says. "Then I wrote the entire thing without stopping. It was a magical thing that happens when you’re flying. I think that’s why it has some wings–it’s unpretentious. This all sounds rather lofty but it really was from the heart.”
Februari 12th 2013.
John Waite meets president Clinton
This proud story was featured in the Lancastrian Guardian, the local paper from John's hometown.
Published on Thursday 14 February 2013 13:13


ONE of Lancaster’s favourite sons has joined forces with a former President of the United States for a very good cause.


ONE of Lancaster’s favourite sons has joined forces with a former President of the United States for a very good cause.

Rock star John Waite met Bill Clinton at a recent health summit at the swish Ritz Carleton hotel in Laguna Beach, California.

Lancaster-born John, famed for his worldwide smash ‘Missing You’, is friends with Joe Kiani, the medical entrepreneur who hosted the Patient Safety, Science and Technology conference.

The event aimed to sign up manufacturers and developers of health monitoring devices hoping to reduce unnecessary patient deaths in the USA.

Kiani, owner of leading health technology company Masimo, has been described as the "Bill Gates of the medical world”.

"It’s a very moving thing – many of us have had loved ones who have been in care and didn’t survive,” said John, speaking exclusively to The Visitor from his home in Santa Monica, California.

"Joe is trying to create a database where every doctor can have access to every patient’s complete medical history.

"President Clinton gave a tremendous speech.”

Waite, who was educated at the Storey Art College in Lancaster, has enjoyed two number one hits in America – ‘Missing You’ in 1984 and ‘When I See You Smile’ as lead singer with Bad English in 1989.

‘Missing You’ was also a Top 10 hit in the UK and was covered by Tina Turner.

The rocker, 60, returns home to Lancaster on a regular basis.

He played a live gig at the Grand Theatre in 2011 and was back for three weeks at Christmas to visit friends and family, including his proud mum Veronica, who lives in Scotforth.

"Lancaster is still very much part of my life because it’s a great city,” he said.

"I’m currently mixing an album and working on just a few bigger gigs this year, which opens up more time for me to come home.

"I was just thinking, why is it that the first thing you see driving into Lancaster is a KFC?

"I’ll be back in the spring for a nice holiday. You’ll find me in the Boot and Shoe!”