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April 2020 - When your songs come on the radio or I find them online , it brings a smile to my face! You are a great songwriter and vocalist. I hope all is well to you and yours - Steve

Steve Lynch - 07-04-2020 - 05:40

Hello John, I just wanted to tell you that I love pictures, interviews, your great sense of humor,your charming good looks, your smile, your giggles, and most the fact that you love to have fun. Until we see each other, take care. XOXOXO,Deanna P.S I love you.

Deanna Ogle - 28-08-2014 - 17:59


Thanks so much for coming to Youngstown, OH. I enjoyed the show so much. Amazing talent from John Waite and the entire band. I had an amazing time. I have seen John Waite 3 times and enjoyed every concert. Getting to meet him this time was the icing on the cake for me. I'm from Columbus, OH. Please make another stop in Columbus!!!

Mechelle Lutsko - 07-04-2014 - 06:24

Oh, I just rediscovered you and got excited to see the planned gig in Zoetermeer, but shit..... Its cancelled and you wont come here anymore. I love your voice so much and you were a reason why I got into a band as a singer, which I still do at the age of 53 😝 Wish I searched earlier for a gig and see you live...
The Babys was one of my first bought records at the age of 15 ahh, and Bad English helped my through my divorce

Francy - 14-03-2014 - 17:14


Greetings from Kentucky, USA . Google search, aquablauw. I love John Waite, love his musical style and voice.

aquablauw - 29-09-2013 - 03:19

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