In Real Time

In Real Time
In Real Time, an electrifying new live CD recorded on tour last year with Waite’s super-charged three-piece band, will be released in conjunction with the 2010 European tour and will be available for sale at each performance and on iTunes. 
Classic hits like "Change,” "Missing You,” The Babys’ "Back On My Feet Again,” Bad English’s "Best Of What I’ve Got” and "When I See You Smile” and even a blistering cover of Zep’s "Rock and Roll” take on entirely new lives in their raw forms on the spontaneously delicious In Real Time
"It’s a lot of the hits played how we play them live,” Waite says of In Real Time.
"It’s like late 60’s rock in London when it was performance driven, prior to becoming commercialized – back in the days when everybody got in a transient van, sat on the amps and drove for hours to the next gig. 
When I set out to do this record, I wanted to simplify it down to what I remember rock and roll being as a kid – a three-piece band with a singer – so it’s very raw and right on the edge.”
Fans attending Waite’s shows in Europe can expect the same kind of unrefined live energy that In Real Time delivers.
Waite is currently collaborating with Matchbox 20 lead guitarist/songwriter Kyle Cook, as the two ready fresh new music for Waite’s highly anticipated forthcoming solo cd, which is released in 2011.
The Band:

John Waite: Lead Vox, Rhythm Guitar on "In Dreams” & "When I See You Smile”
Tim Hogan: Bass Guitar
Luis Maldonado: Lead Guitar, Backing Vox
Billy Wilkes: Drums, Backing Vox

Teacklist for ''In Real Time''
8)   MISSING YOU * video under!!
Listen to the clips here: Clips In Real Time
Out may 14th 2010
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These are some fine reviews for the new John Waite Live album; In real Time!

No question John Waite has one of the classic voices of AOR, however this is largely in part thanks to his solo work and perhaps most likely that with Bad English than his first band The Baby’s.  It could be argued they hardly set the the world on fire in terms of album sales but did serve as a incubation band for not only Waite but also Journey keyboardist  Jonathan Cain.

Since Bad English hits the skids pretty much immediately after the classic 'Backlash' album  Waite has hardly enjoyed commercial chart success but you also get the impression this is the way he wants it.  So after several non descript solo albums and perhaps more importantly the increased visibility of a duet with in country girl Alison Krauss covering his mega solo hit ‘Missing You’ maybe the time is right for Waite to come back into our consciousness.

Despite Waite not possessing what you would call a ultra powerful voice ala classic Steve Perry or Lou Gram, its more Waite’s unique tonality and emotive delivery which is pure gold and has always made up for the lack of range in his voice.  Luckily unlike the aforementioned vocalists his voice doesn’t appear to have diminished at all for the 12 tracks that make up this new live album ‘In Real Time’ .  This is a warts and all live document which sonically is very strong sounding like a direct soundboard and really throws you into the middle of the gig with none of the overly fake audience that appeared on the cringe worthy Cinderella live album from 2009.

The 12 tracks on offer reads like a best of live set with the hits "Change”,  "Missing You”, The Babys’ "Back On My Feet Again” and "Head First”, Bad English’s "Best Of What I Got” and "When I See You Smile” and even a blistering cover of Zep’s "Rock and Roll” for good measure. 

All in all this is a highly enjoyable live document of Waite in 2010 and comes highly recommended for fans of any era of his work and melodic rock fans in general.

Rating – 85%


Source Furyrocks

The British singer with the somewhat nasal voice, started his career in 1975. He is best known as frontman with The Babys. The band scored huge hits with Isn't It Time in 1977 and Everytime I Think Of You in 1979. The year 1981 saw the split of The Babys and Waite had a monster hit with Missing You in 1984. In the late eighties he teamed up with Neal Schon from Journey and they formed the supergroup Bad English. When I See You Smile captured first place in the charts again and was at the same time the second hit for John Waite. Bad English died a quiet death and Waite is going solo from there on.

This live cd In Real Time proves Waite still has a great voice. Apparently thirty years of rock and roll didn't seem to have a negative effect on his vocal chords. He surely belongs in the very short list of world class singers. Change taken from his solo album Ignition dives straight into the past and comes as a surprise because it shows music written some twenty years ago just sounds timeless.

Back On My Feet Again from the fourth Babys album hits hard and shows the quality of the young guitar slinger Louis Moldenado. With Every Time I Think Of You the first semi ballad is served and the chills this song generates are irrepressible. After a very short introduction of the band, Moldenado gets the chance to prove what he is worth. Prelude is food for guitar players but is an odd piece in the whole set up, after all listening to a John Waite solo album with the emphasis on the song is something completely different.

New York City Girl is the second ballad and goes straight through the heart. Best Of What I Got is the first Bad English song. This one rocks so hard and heavy that the urge to bang your head is coming right up. A real shame Bad English wasn't born to lead a long life. Missing You is up next and couldn't possibly be left out and shows Waite feels so comfortable to sing songs like this one. Head First, perhaps a less known Babys song, is followed by the Zeppelin cover Rock And Roll. Band and singer are on a roll and perform a sublime version of this classic track.

No better way to finish than with When I See You Smile because the record really puts a smile on your face. Agreed, the cd is a bit short for a concert registration but the music shows what John Waite is about in 2010. You get a nice overview of his musical career, supported by a young and passionate band, exactly what Waite offered the fans on the European mainland on the last tour.

Source Metal Mirror

Der populäre britische Sänger/Songschreiber/Performer John Waite liefert uns mit "In Real Time” ein wahres Live Meisterwerk. Die CD soll am 14. Mai 2010 über Frontiers Records erscheinen.

Bekannt wurde John Waite u.a. durch den Nummer 1 Charthit "Missing You”, die Songs "Change” und "When I See Your Smile” (mit BAD ENGLISH). Alle Hits laufen auch heute noch auf Radio Rotation weltweit.

"In Real Time” entstand während der 2009er Tour und zeigt John Waite und seine 3-Mann Band in Bestform. Die Songauswahl wird jeden Fan begeistern, so befinden sich auf der CD Songs wie "Change”, "Missing You”, die The Babys tracks "Back On My Feet Again” und "Head First”, die Bad English Songs "Best Of What I Got” und "When I See You Smile”, sowie eine fantastische Version des Led Zeppelin Hits "Rrock and Roll”.

Mit "In Real Time” bekommen Fans nun die Möglichkeit sich John Waite live ins Wohnzimmer zu holen.

Der Musiker arbeitet aktuell an einem neuen Studio Album welches noch in diesem Jahr aufgenommen werden soll.

Source:Rock Realms

In Real Time sees the former singer of Bad English and The Babys, John Waite, putting out a collection of tracks recorded on tour in 2009. Joining John, who also plays rhythm guitar on 'In Dreams' and 'When I See You Smile', is Tim Hogan on bass, Luis Maldonado on guitar, and Billy Wilkes on drums.

As well as cuts from his various bands and solo albums, John pumps out a cover of Led Zeppelin's 'Rock And Roll'. It's all very agreeable and sounds beautifully crisp. If the shows themselves sounded anywhere near this good in the flesh they must have been amazing. I have to say that John still sounds splendid too. There is no mistaking his voice for anybody else's, and this really is as good as he ever sounds.

Negative points? Not a lot really. This style of music is never going to be as exciting live as boisterous heavy metal, and there are definitely a few other tracks I'd like to have heard, but that's about it.

Overall, this is a great release. With his 10th studio expected sometime in 2010, it looks like this is a good year for John Waite fans.



This new live CD was recorded with John Waite's new band with a view to getting back to basics. Thanks to this release you can honestly see how great this man's pipes really are. All the way through this 12 track recording John let's the music do the talking for him and it does him proud.

I mean with a legacy such as John's, which includes five albums with The Babys, an outstanding solo career and two albums with his Babys partners Jonathain Cain and Ricky Phillips in the AOR supergroup Bad English, every inch of his past is covered here from the beginning to this very point in time. John set out to simplify what he remembered rock 'n' roll to be - a three-piece band with a singer. This record is a testament to that.

Kicking straight in with 'Change', John is taking no prisoners and, launching straight into 'Back On My Feet Again', John's voice is still the powerhouse it used to be. A mention has to be given to the band here which includes Tim Hogan on bass, Luis Maldonado on guitar and Billy Wilkes on drums. John provides rhythm guitar on 'In Dreams' and 'When I See You Smile.'

Stand out tracks for me are the Bad English tracks 'Best Of What I Got' and the No.1 smash hit 'When I See You Smile.'

Honestly, with a release as good as this the sky is the limit for John and I know he will deliver on his promise of a new record soon. I for one cannot wait(e)!


Ja, ik geef het toe. Ik doe er ook helemaal niet geheimzinnig over. Waarom zou ik ook. Het is toch ook niet iets om je voor te schamen. Ik vind dat gewoon. Of beter gezegd, zo voel ik het. Ik hoor u al denken: waar heeft die mafkees het over? Ik zal het u zeggen. Ik heb een zwak voor John Waite. Zo, dat is er uit. Doe ermee wat u wilt. Neem het voor kennisgeving aan, lach jezelf drie slagen in de rondte of knik instemmend. Het maakt mij niet uit. Ik heb een zwak voor John Waite. Niet zozeer voor de mens John Waite, als wel voor zijn uit duizenden herkenbare stem. Zijn emotievolle, quasi melancholische stem. Natuurlijk is het mij bekend dat de man door de mand viel toen hij met de heren van Bad English speelde. Daar kan ik weer tegenin brengen dat die kerels ook wel een vervelend referentiekader hadden (lees: Steve Perry). Dan gaat elke vergelijking mank. Maar ik wil er eigenlijk ook niets tegen in brengen. Hij is geen technische zanger, het is een man die het van puurheid, van emotie en passie moet hebben. En als je daarvan houdt, dan kun je ook met volle teugen genieten van dit live album.

Ik was enkele weken geleden in de gelukkige omstandigheid om hem live aan het werk te zien in De Bosuil in Weert. Ook toen maakte Waite indruk. Hij kan putten uit een heel arsenaal aan fantastische songs van The Babys, van Bad English en natuurlijk ook uit zijn solomateriaal. Dat eigen materiaal is zeker van hetzelfde (hoge) niveau als het werk dat hij in groepsverband tot stand bracht. Tijdens het live optreden viel vooral ook gitarist Luis Maldonado op. Diens rol is op dit album wat minder nadrukkelijk op de voorgrond aanwezig. Logisch natuurlijk ook. Niet dat je hem niet hoort, integendeel! Maar die opvallende rol die hij op het podium in Weert voor zijn rekening nam, is nu gewoon wat minder opvallend. Waite is op het album goed bij stem. Er lijkt niet veel gesleuteld te zijn aan zijn stemgeluid en sowieso niet aan het algehele bandgeluid: het komt echt live over, dit album. Niet vlekkeloos, technisch briljant, glad en clean, maar heel natuurlijk, heel puur. Zo kun je genieten van juweeltjes als ‘New York City Girl’ (beste nummer op dit album), ‘When I See You Smile’ (in een iets ander arrangement), en natuurlijk zijn eerste grote solo hitsingle ‘Missing You’. Grootste misser is het ontbreken van het nummer wat op mij live het meest indruk maakte, het hartverscheurende ‘Suicide Life’. Maar het zij hem vergeven. Mooi en eerlijk gedocumenteerd verslag van een live performance van een klassieke rockzanger.

Score 9 out of 10!!