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etty - 22-01-2013 - 04:18

Great new song keep them coming JOHN........

colin ek - 14-08-2012 - 22:50

I just answer since a very long time, because i feel so sad about Shaun his leaving. I just love his sound, John knows that, I really hoped to see him life someday whenever, a video is just not the same as feel something in a crowd, I hope someone will replace him.I am still a bit confused,I end with good luck to you all, which has nothing to do with the expletive of the miss who reacted before me. i would rather cry out loud.

Etty - 07-07-2012 - 03:31

I just wanted 2 say thank u coz I know that your job can be a thankless 1 u think, but we really do appreciate your hard work and your time, so thanks for always keeping us in the loop Wouter.

Cheryl Ann Battista - 07-07-2012 - 00:22

I have to say...John is amazing, he is a man i would love to know. Ive followed his music most of my life. Im so impressed with even the lastest recordings. His style when he was younger was fantastic. Now that he is older, he has a more mature sound and its amazing. He is so consistent and the lyrics and melodies are just phenominal. He is truly under rated. There is so much bad music out there. Johns music will live forever. John your music is timeless...i love you. Im hoping i will run into you somewhere, so i can tell you in person how unbelievably talented you are.

karen stpierre - 08-06-2012 - 18:38

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