Augora Hills Canyon Club

This is the footage on the December 9th show at the Canyon Club, Augora Hills.
John said: ''Tremendous gig/crowd last night at Canyon Club ! Shows have been strong!!''
So it must have been great!
An extra during this performance was the presence of his old friend Debby Holiday.
She worked with John on the album Figure In A Landscape, but also on Universal Soldier, Thunder On A Clear Day and Brand new world ( last two :unreleased demos)
She is here on the clip of Every Time I Think Of You.
Videos: Sheri H.
here Goes, first clip is '' Every Time I Think Of You''
A smashing performance!!
Saturday Night ( No Brakes 1984  ''Missing You album'')
Blue Bird Cafe  ( When You Were Mine 1997)
When I See You Smile
Evil ( Rough and Tumble 2011)