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Mark in the Morning.

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Credits due : all the footage from Tina Gillbertson

John Waite performed some great songs on the new Los Angeles morning show: Mark In The Morning with his old friend Mark Thompson ( remember the movie two thirteen)
Guitarist is Marc Bonilla and the keyboard is Ed Rot.

John with Mark and Tim.

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John Waite in his Boxershorts ! Union Jacks !

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Patient Safety Januari 24th

Patient Safety Movement Januari 24 th 2015


Februari 5th 2015

On Satuday Januari 24th John Waite and band performed for this Event. John is a strong supported of this movement.
His friend Joe Kiani's is in the lead of this summit.

Quote John Waite :
Played my friend Joe Kiani's Patient Safety Summit in OC last night. Joe Biden spoke and Joe ( Kiani not Biden ) came up on stage to sing Head First !!!!


ZERO Preventable Patient Deaths by 2020

In Dreams
When I see You Smile
The Price Of My tears  ( rare performance)
Inmaginary Girl ( rare performance)
Missing You
Head First
Back On My Feet Again

Cincinnatie Valentin's Day

It won't get better then this! Really
videos by Liss Argenta!!

The Vince Gill Song:

For Tony Scott in his remembrance !!


Everytime I Thing Of you  ( video Susan Haga)