A Night Out With The Band ( After the Iridium Show)

Night Out With The band.
februari 3th after the Iridium show.
Being jet-legged to the eye balls, me and Lammie went to the show at The Iridium on Februari 3th.
Convincing myself that I hadn't travelled for more then 5000 miles to fall a sleep at a John Waite show!! Inmagine: me ??
Which almost happend.
It took three double espresso's to keep me up and running. Strangely later that night at Nello
I was vivid as ever!
We were a bit disappointed for not being permitted by the management of The Iridium of to video the show. The only thing that worked out was Simi Friedman making beautiful pics. Which she did, as you can all witness below --> thanks Simi!!
Before the show me and lammie walked in on the last part of what must have been the sound check, and talked to John for half an hour about his upcomming live album. And the new song that still wasnt more than an backing track and Lyrics about some actress, famous but a riddle to us, ignorant Europeans. ( sorry for not rememberring)
I once again tried to get John into using Brand New Day ( about a girl from the Lower East side)
He told us he had been walking downtown and ended op At Nello the night before. Which is across the street from where he used to live, when writing for Temple Bar.
Its so nice to watch the appartment which we later did, knowing that John Waite wrote his masterpiece, I mean Temple Bar there. And literally walk from his appartment DOWNTOWN to Times Square. I do have sound and vision now with that song.
John invited us for dinner after the show, to go to some Italian restaurant for pizza !!
Lammie tried to convince John that there was no obligation to take us anywhere, that speaking to him was more then enough for us. But John was resolute: we would go out and eat all together that night, not knowing about Nello and not knowing of it's existance.
We were his guests and friends.
Richard Metcalfe, Luke Eustace and two friends walked in. They were as frozen as we were. Allthough maybe the beer didnt help either. '
They had been to The Temple Bar the day before, we would do that the next day.
After the show got an sms from John : we're eating at Nello's.
Time for serious panic: what is Nello and more important where is it ?
Well obvious the cab driver knew it and off we went.
It was a memorable evening
At one table with the owner of Nello: Nello Balan, his beautiful wife ( so kind to us) Tim, Keri Kelli.
lateron joined us  Fernando Cwillich Gil ( owner and director of Liquid Assets
A truly nice guy too, and being from Argentina we bonded well, cause of our new "to be Queen Maxima  Zorreguieta" Actually his sister was a friend of Maxima  Zorreguieta.
Or so he told us. Its the truth or his water pipe
Fernando Cwillich Gil  told me that Zorreguieta was a fine guy.
We sang the national Dutch Anthem!
After hughing eachoter we all left well after midnight. The guys off into a cab.
We just wanted to walk on air.
We want to thank John Waite, Tim Hogan, keri Kelli, and Nello Balan and his beautiful wife for giving us a night to remember in a place to be!!
Wouter Kramer and John Waite  ** remember it is after two at night, many glasses of wine, and for John Waite a fabulous, but exhausting tour !
I only had a jet lag.

Nello Balan : owner and great friend of John Waite !!

John and lammie

Timothy and me, Tim almost didnt make it to Nelo: the cab driver got suspicious when Tim brought his guitar along.

keri Kelli with Lammie!! at Nelo's

The whole bunch

John with   Fernando Cwillich Gil

Me with Fernando Cwillich Gil , and Keri Kelli impersanating the Devil :) ?

Me and Fernando Cwillich Gil

Timothy Hogan at The Iridium show

Keri Kelli

Michael Gilham alis Rhondo !! what a guy!!