Interview done on Magic Mornings radio 106.7
This was braodcasted on the 11 of november just prior ro the Bull run show
John tells a.o things on how he is gonna spent his Christmas time!
Interview september 11th 2011 on Songward.com.
Interview is done on May 9th 2011 in Gouda during an convention for a Broadcasting Company called KRO.
John Played a lot of songs there and did a fine interview with mark Stakenburg.
And praise the Dutch for their good taste. The Babys were BIG in Holland.
John John reminisces the good times while filming for TOPPOP, the Dutch famous TV pop show.
About The Babys, but also about Rough and Tumble and Alison Krauss

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Interview and short clip If You Ever get Lonely

102,5 KPTI radio with John Waite
WQUT radio
With Lou
Race Taylor at the Grammys
 * march interview with Tony Peters from Icon fetch.
John Waite is best known for a couple of #1 hits "Missing You," and "When I See You Smile" (with Bad English) from the Eighties.  He's just released a brand new disc called Rough and Tumble, which returns him to the rock roots of his late Seventies band the Babys.  Icon Fetch talks to Waite about the bare-bones approach he took with the new album, collaborating with Kyle Cook, guitarist for Matchbox Twenty, and the inspiration behind "Missing You."
Listen to the Icon Fetch interview with John Waite