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6 May 2016.

Live performances from the Evanston show. Songs from the Wooden Heart Acoustic Tour

In Dreams

Hanging Tree

" f

April the 5th 2016.

Nice new interview done by John, with three acoustic live songs.
Magic Camera
When I See You Smile
In the studio with Preston and Steve are The Axemen, which is John's band:
Mark Ricciardi, and Tim Hogan

You can listen to the whole interview and live performance .

March 27th.

Nice new interviue with John Waite #johnwaite 
About his upcoming Acoutic Wooden heart tour.
But also about for whom he wrote Missing You
An about the plan to write a book !!
Interview done by Matt Wardlaw!

Tour PROMO add. pcit by Mike Savaoi

Wooden heart promo ad photo prome tour ad_zpspmm8tnie.jpg

Me and my Guinnes photo cid_AE485DA2-2446-44C1-B859-7C97A66AED9B_zpssp7s1ves.jpg

Iridium photo john-waite-iridium-nyc-giveaway_zpsfzydruk1.png

March 13th 2016

There is a new radio interview that we have available to listen to for you
Its about his time and love for his home town Lancaster
And about his hits and being No 1 in the USA Billboard

The Bay UK 2016

januari 25th 2016

East Coast  tour announced!
The confirmed dates are listed  on the websites
Including two shows in New York at the Iridium
On April 8th and 9th

Tickets :

 photo woodenheart_zpsx3bpku8v.jpg

LIVE   : click here for full Tour Dates and Tickets.

December 3th
John has contributed to the NPO documentary on 50 years Golden Earring.
John Waite :
"Had fun watching the Golden Earring " Heart of the Wolf " documentary this week. My bits were interesting and I thought it was a cool program. Well done. I just wish I understood Dutch !!!! I've been a fan for as long as I can remember so I watched the whole thing trying to guess what they were saying. Great band. Each guy is heavy and sharp. Had a package of hard to find music from them and exchanged texts with Barry Hay. ( and a funny voicemail ). So, a good week. Music I haven't heard yet too. So god bless em !! Happy 50th to a stellar band !!"

 photo still John4_zpsfwq7f3bx.jpg
link to the full lenght documentary

  photo still John5_zpsqjm4qfoh.jpg
 photo still John3_zpsn3txdc8m.jpg 

October 25th.
John Waite at the Arthritis Foundation's 2015 Champions For A Cure Awards at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Century City, CA on Friday, October 23, 2015



October 24th
Rare radio perfomance for "FLY"
This song was the first single from Figure In A Landscape in 2001
Released og Goldcircle a Dutch based record company. 
October (10-02-2015)
John Waite played a great show at The Coach House San Juan Capistrano.
Back On MY Feet Again

Links to the rest of the live performance
Coach House October 2015
September 13th
Nice TV interview from X on TV in Cincinnati
host is: Sasha Parker Cochran

July 4th 2015.
Its the day of the release of In Real Time Extended versions- Remastered.
With additional tracks .
hard Copy available  in September!
Songs like :
Missing you ( Live)  click to listen
In Dreams ( Live)    click to listen
For all available information and how to buy :
In Real Time
Afbeelding invoegen

June 8th 2015.
First video of the June 6th Las Vegas show. ( With a lot of sound problems)
Thanks to Marcia Stephens !

June 7th
Nice performance by John Waite and Band.
This was shot at the Bosuil in 2011, but surfaced only recently
"Time Stood Sill

High Quality sound and video though

May 31th 2015.
 New great interview with Cindy Ford at Punk Globe .

I was one of those that fell in love with the Babys, and the dreamy voice of John Waite. I will never forget discovering them with my besties, Penny, and Rose. We kept playing it over, and over for the entire afternoon. I am not sure who's album that was, if it was Piper's or not, I hope we didn't scratch it too bad! I along with the rest of the world, followed John Waite throughout the years, and reveled at each new turn his career took. I was thrilled beyond words, to say the least, to have the opportunity to interview with him. I hope you enjoy the silly school girl in me getting to ask her crush a few questions. May I introduce to you, the one, the only....John Waite~ 
read the whole interview here: LINK
Punk Globe 2015


May Third. 
Chasing Down The Wind.
Written with Jesse Harms

April 24th.
Light My Fire

Februari 14th 2014.

John Waite played a fantastic show at Cincinnati last Valentine's day.
The full Show his to be watched here: videos by Liss Argeta. And one by Susan Haga
With Keri Kelli.
Cincinnati Valentine's day 2015

Valentine; including proposal !!

Februari 8th 2015

John Waite on "Mark In The Morning "

Missing You.

 photo 10986858_10153062130888960_4813846438708046579_n_zpsc924ef7e.jpgMark In The Morning  

To see the videos and the pics click on the Mark In The Morning

Februari 5th 2015

Patient Safety Movement

On Satuday Januari 24th John Waite and band performed for this Event. John is a strong supported of this movement.
His friend Joe Kiani's is in the lead of this summit.

Quote John Waite :
Played my friend Joe Kiani's Patient Safety Summit in OC last night. Joe Biden spoke and Joe ( Kiani not Biden ) came up on stage to sing Head First !!!!

In Dreams
When I see You Smile
The Price Of My tears  ( rare performance)
Inmaginary Girl ( rare performance)
Missing You
Head First
Back On My Feet Again

Januari 17th 2015.

New picture from John Waite taken by Jay Gilbert !!

December 24th:

New interview with John Waite about his latest release the acoustic EP
Wooden Heart.

More here: Wooden Heart interview (AXS) 2015

November 16th.

New release mid December.

Wooden Heart

Wooden Heart ( Acoustic EP ). Hard copy available

15 th December through Johnwaiteworldwide and I tunes worldwide

January 1st.

This is  new cd where John Waite was working on these weeks.
We are exited and awaiting so much more !
This is what John said about the recordings

John Waite:

"Started in on new songs. Back in studio on Monday to start part 2 of next years releases. I think I'll go full out till mid dec then stop. Songs are coming right and left. Winter is in the air. It's always easier to write in winter. This is good !!!!! Inspired !"

And again John Waite:

"finishing up tracks in studio. Mastering and okaying artwork and ads. I worked with some great people on this one so it wasn't like work although I would wake up in the middle of the night convinced I'd got it wrong. It's always the same! There will be odd bits of sound bites and photos along with artwork in the coming weeks. Check in there and check it out!!! Best J."


 photo 10361384_850081751709794_8681330414279493215_n_zps38e9cb27.jpg

 photo Naamloos_zps67186c28.jpg

 photo 10361384_850081751709794_8681330414279493215_n_zps38e9cb27.jpg

November 7th.

recent shows from John Waite in Austin ( The belmont) Phoenix and in Dallas with Pat Benatar and Neil Geraldo.
The last one also with Neil geraldo ( Susan Haga)

This video is also by Susan Kressin.
WIth parts of :
When I see You Smile
Missing You
Whole lotta Love


 photo safe_image_zpsde203c08.jpg

John Waiteand Neil Giraldo
 photo 10470253_517380331698483_1100278527332055956_n_zpsd9b6e98b.jpg

 photo 1502174_369800479852782_4893286604719926090_o_zps8fc1a001.jpg

 photo IMG_0435_zps6daa69ec.jpg

 photo IMG_0431_zps8b0033b9.jpg

 photo IMG_0416_zps5d35e2f7.jpg

 photo IMG_0415_zps7c976c3f.jpg

 photo IMG_0422_zps03a22ed3.jpg

October 11th.

Nice pictures of John Waite taken at Melbourne Florida : 80's In The Park
September 29th 2014
Picture  credit Laura Roberts.
PLus  a few videos
The voice is still so strong

 photo 10708115_4652283122269_1085232791_n_zps88e6c67c.jpg

 photo 10728779_4652280162195_1589012468_n_zps8405e224.jpg

September 28th 2014.

A new interview with John Waite recently aired by 97.7 Classic Rock. Done by Kelli & Big Jon.
Its nice and wort to listen because of the story about John's favorite song  "Drive My Care"and how he got pulled over by a police man who  "lived in the Gym" that was the end of John Waite driving. But Drive my car was on his Blaupunkt...
Well ist interesting


September 20th

September third.
ABC Radio 

John Waite: Compiling "Best" Album "Cleared My Head" for New Music Project

new interview for John Waite on ABC Radio website.

You can read the full interview here:

John Waite recently released a compilation titled, simply, Best, that features highlights from many eras of the veteran British pop-rock star's long and varied career.

Amost  30 years ago!!

US Top 40 Singles For The Week Ending September 22, 1984
TW LW TITLE Artist – Weeks on Chart (Peak Position) 
1 2 MISSING YOU –•– John Waite – 14 (1)
2 4 LET’S GO CRAZY –•– Prince & The Revolution – 8 (2)
3 3 SHE BOP –•– Cyndi Lauper – 10 (3)
4 1 WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT –•– Tina Turner – 19 (1)
5 7 DRIVE –•– The Cars – 8 (5)
6 6 IF THIS IS IT –•– Huey Lewis & The News – 10 (6)
7 8 THE WARRIOR –•– Scandal Featuring Patty Smyth – 13 (7)
8 10 THE GLAMOROUS LIFE –•– Sheila E. – 15 (8)
9 18 I JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE YOU –•– Stevie Wonder – 6 (9)
10 13 CRUEL SUMMER –•– Bananarama – 10 (10)

August 23th 

A fine interview  taken from KHITS 965 done a few months back.

"The next album will be about my life and childhood, it will be autobiographical, it's the only thing I  have left  to do"
But also about his youth: being dyslexic. "The teachers thought I was an  Idiot"
And is time with Alison performing at the Opry.

"Writing is a very female thing, if you disrespect it, it will stop talking to you, and if you disrespect it twice it will move out "
But also about gaining knowledge in reading about Churchill.

 photo JohnWaite-02_zpscba9398e.jpg

August  20th

The demo version of John Waite's Standing in the Shadow Of Love

August 17th 2014.

Because i still believe that Rough and Tumble was a huge release with so many great songs, I wanted to highlight some of the songs that are not always in the spotlights and in John Waite's fabulous live shows these days.
Furthermore a link for all to go to the album page to hear most of it fully !!

"Skyward” was written about six years ago in L.A., and I had forgotten all about it. The original idea for this new release was to make a five‐song EP, but in early October, I got the phone call that the record company would like to have a complete album, so I was trying to fish around for songs that I might be able to record. 
I was looking off into space in Santa Monica wondering what the hell I was going to do when the phone rang. Jamie Houston, who I wrote "Skyward” with, was on the other end of the line, and he said that someone wanted to record the song.
I had forgotten all about it, but when Jamie brought it up, I had this vague recollection of the song. It started off as "Skyway” –a song about a girl who had a deep drug problem…"there's a skyway in your eyes,” you know?
It was deep, but we turned it around into a happier thing, and it became "Skyward,” a song about walking on air. The original demo was very pop, but when we went in to record the song for the record, we just turned the band loose on it.
We treated it more as a rock song, and it just exploded. It was one of those things that I didn't expect to happen. Just at the right time, it walked into my life. Again.

Peace Of Mind.


"Peace of Mind” is based on Herman Hesse's Steppenwolf. At the time I wrote this, I was trying to find a new way of writing songs –making them almost psychedelic but without being trippy. This was a story about a man going into a theatre in New York and the world turning inside out. All of these people who have influenced me are in there –Charlie Chaplin, Johnny Cash, Charles Baudelaire. It's about a night at the opera –about opening the gateand going through into a different reality.
There's also a monologue over the top, which I haven't heard anybody do yet. It was a real trip. I wrote that with Mark Spiro. It still surprises me.

Listen and enjoy the full album here :

August 10th 2014.

John Waite at Nibroc kentucky last night, singing "When I se You Smile"
A Cappella!
This is  vocally a fantastic performance !!
Really: must hear!

August 7th 2014.

This is a vintage Radio Veronica interview dating from 1990. Countdown.
John is interviewed about the existing of Bad English:
"There is definately a band Called Bad English around, we're just not in the same room anymore "
About working and writing with Adrian van den Berg.
plus Time Stood Still being "" Alarmschijf" 
The collaborating never saw the light of day though! alas. The DJ : is the late Alfred Lagarde (RIP)

July 28th.

New pictures of the John Waite River fest Show at saint Clair 

 photo thumbNew26_zps749206d9.jpg

These were taken by Brandon Nagy at the Saint Clair River Fest. July 25th.

Beautiful shot from each member of the band

Saint Clair River Fest 2014

July 26th

Here's is a spledid review of the show on the 25th of Jly 2014 at:
Wiles-Barre, PA Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs


John Waite keeps audience singing during casino show

Many musicians encourage the audience to sing along, but John Waite drops the music to do it.

His a capella version of Bad English’s "When I See You Smile” highlighted a rocking time Friday at the Keystone Ballroom at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs.

The English musician, known for his work with The Babys, Bad English and solo, gave the audience a great mix of songs from his past.

That included "When I See You Smile,” Bad English’s 1989 number one song. The audience shouted and sang along with glee, putting emphasis on the "OH OH” in the chorus and shouting things like "I love you!” whenever they got a chance.

Waite opened the show with a tune from The Babys — "Head First” from the 1979 same-titled album. A strong drumbeat supported The Babys’ "Back on My Feet Again,” a song Waite re-recorded for his greatest hits record "Best” released in May.

"Thank you very much. It’s nice to be here tonight,” Waite said. "Thank you for coming to see us play. Here’s something you might remember from the past.”

That turned out to be "Every Time I Think of You,” a 1979 hit that went to 13 on the Billboard Hot 100.

"Here’s something new. Well, kind of new,” Waite said, jumping ahead a few decades to "Better Off Gone,” from his 2011 solo album "Rough and Tumble.”

Waite went a little bit country, picking up the acoustic guitar for a cover of Vince Gill’s "Whenever You Come Around.” He delved into the blues with his own "Rough and Tumble.”

As the audience shouted their love, Waite replied, "I love you too. I love you more. All of you. Thanks for sticking with me all this time.”

He told the audience how he forgot to bring toothpaste on his trip here, meaning he had to brush his teeth with shampoo.

"I was foaming at the mouth,” he joked.

Waite shone during his best-known ballad, "Missing You,” which this year found new fame as it figures in the plot of Harlen Coben’s same-titled bestselling novel.

He kicked the tempo back up with "Best of What I Got,” a Bad English song he co-wrote that appeared on the 1989 "Tango and Cash” movie soundtrack.



July 25th.

John Waite discusses "Best "with Mike Smith of Media Mikes.


March 13, 1979. A group of friends and I are at the Lakeland (Florida) Civic Center to take in a concert by STYX. The opening band that night is The Baby’s, fronted by singer/songwriter John Waite. As the concert begins, I meet a young lady who surprisingly takes a keen interest in me. As a gentleman never reveals his secrets, I’ll just say that every time I hear the song "Every Time I Think of You”…I think of her.

I recount this story to John Waite as we meet up to talk about his long musical career and the new release of "BEST,” an 18-song collection of Waite’s favorite songs, both as a member of the Babys and Bad English as well as his successful solo career, which includes the huge #1 hit "Missing You.”

Read the whole interview  here:

John Waite discusses



 photo 1benatar-15_zps0e9001ab.jpg

John Waite and band At New Lennox.

With: Keri Kelli, Tim Hogan and Rhondo on Drums!

They play "Change "and "Whole Lotta Love :

See the videos and pictures here

Des Moines IA

July 20th
Interview in Classic Rock magazine.
Thanks Richard Metcalfe !.

An amazing interview in Classic rock on John Waite's view on "non musical"matters.
Like arms controle, death penalty, life sentences.
Was John Waite ever arrested ??

 photo Classicrock_zps1ed3f7bc.jpg

July 15th 2014
new great John Waite interview.

There is a new interview with a different take on John Waite his history and his future !

The TVD interview , july 2014

So, what are you most looking forward to now?

You know, it’s funny you should ask me that because after making an album like I’ve just made, it’s almost like I’ve closed the book. And I’ve explained what I had to explain. There are very obscure songs on this record. There’s a completely acoustic song with me playing an acoustic guitar by myself called "I’m Ready.” It’s about reincarnation. And then it overlaps with hits, and then there’s the duet I did with Allison Krauss… it’s a very, very long album. It’s the story of my life. There’s a sadness to it when you close the book and say, "Really? That’s what I did?”

But two days ago, I brought twenty bucks to the Radio Shack and bought myself one of those small, flat cassette players you used to see in the ‘70s. And I brought it home and I got all my cassettes out and transferred all the best ideas I had from these cassettes in a Converse tennis shoe box onto this new machine. I got twenty-two rough ideas, and now I’m thinking of starting a new record almost immediately. But it won’t be anything like I’ve done before, and it probably won’t sound very modern… I’m wondering, I’m actually questioning whether there’s a point in making an album just for yourself. This music is that indulgent… some of this stuff is dark and so personal, but some of it is really melodic and personal… I’m wondering after closing the book on this life with this album, is that really the way I want to go out? [Laughs] I have such a great live band.

read the whole interview here: The TVD interview , july 2014

 photo nlp_JOHN_WAITE_364_20130124_zps5e2bde76.jpg

Some new recent pictures here Old Saybrook The Kate 2013

Jun 15th 2014

 photo rbi_logo_zps58fcf5ff.png

In the process of promoting the new album "Best"
John Waite spoke to Ron Bennington In New York.
Its about being famous, about writing Missing You, and Harlan Coben
recutting Missing You and Back On My Feet Again and bringing them to the presence.

You can listen to the interview here :

June 14th 2014.
In the studio with Redbeard, the amazing, wel known radio host specialized in the rock scene.
Old picture with John Waite:
celebrating the release of the 30 years anniversary og "No Brakes " and in september of this year off course Missing You.
Which is btw in the new chart topping movie : 22 Jump street.
Go to listen to the radio tribute by Redbeard for John Waite, and the story of his live in Music told here:


June 7th.
John Waite stops through to talk with Jonathan Clarke on Out of the Box.
radio station Q104,3 New York

June 4th 2014.

Interesting interview with John Waite in the Huffington Post today
John also talks about his future in music :

What's the future for John Waite? What do you want to do?

JW: Well, I think I got very close in '96 when I did the When You Were Mine album, "Suicide Life" is off that, and that was dark and it was lyrical and it was way out, and "Bluebird Cafe" was on that record, too. I think I'm going back to that. It's in my nature to keep taking a left turn and taking a right turn and trying to get out of the maze of where I am and find somewhere new, but I think I was on ground there that was really truthful. The songs that I've written so far for the new record are pretty extreme, they're pretty out. That doesn't mean to say I'm not going to go out and sing hard rock and do "Missing You" and do all theo ther things as well, but I might tour smaller places just for a few months, just coffee houses or something just to get that vibe back of being on the acoustic guitar. Everything about my life comes from the acoustic guitar, and I'm a rock singer and I'm influenced by western music and blues, so I haven't a clue. And I'm glad I don't! I take it as it comes. There's so much more to do and I want to do it while I can still sing full out. My voice is in incredible shape for some reason, and I'm enjoying the hell out of my life and I'm enjoying the new record. Tomorrow's pretty bright.

the interview :

Huffington Post Interview o

John Waite interview on Foxnews !!
he talks about "best "the new album.
And about rerecording: Mising You and Back On My Feet Again
and the next acoustic album with new songs!

May 27th

John Waite At the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles
More ?

 photo 494115167_zps8c2aed44.jpg

May 23th

John Waite together with Harlan Coben at the Hudson Union Society this May 2014.
discussing the new fabulous thriller written by Harlan Coben called Missing You, and the song Missing You by John Waite offcourse fantastic too. John Waite even sings a verse a capella.
Pics by Liss Argenta!

 photo 1425539_607545606009325_3540739706254224303_n_zps34069b45.jpg

 photo 10363813_607545562675996_2842438522999501078_n_zps1cffe9d1.jpg

 photo 10313390_607545659342653_2565373586134807373_n_zpse9a1d743.jpg
Missing You!!

May 23th .

A very nice and informative interview is held by Michael Cavacini.
Ive read a grand number of "talks "with John Waite, but this one is outstanding.
An example of what to expect on the break up of Bad English and the decisive role played by Neal Schon:

You recorded two great albums with Bad English, and while the first one was immensely successful, the second one, Backlash, despite featuring great music, didn’t achieve the same level of success. Why do you think this was the case?

John Waite : "I think that the band split up. We all just left it. We finished the album, I had done the vocals, and I said, "Let’s just leave it. Let’s put it out, and let’s take a break from each other. Let’s walk away.” And Neal went in the paper about two weeks later and said he left the band. It just blew the album out of the water. That was the end of it.

There was a slight possibility that we could have continued. Just cool off. It’s hard to start a record in like six weeks when you’ve got no songs going in. And it was a very tough situation. It was rough. And I think we could have gotten together a month or two later for a series of gigs; it was possible. But, you know, Neal being Neal he just wanted to move on, I guess. He didn’t want to wait two months to see what would happen. He just left the band and went on with his life. God bless him. Good luck. "

the whole interview : John Waite: Michael Cavacini ( 2014)

May 21th.

yet another long and indeep interview with John Waite done by Jim Ladd
John talks track by track about the new album "Best "

And remember Space Oddity with Jim Ladd

May 18th.

John did a nice radio interview on the 92KQRS Morning show, with radio host Tom Barnard.
look here:

May 16th.

John Waite together with Harlan Coben, doing an interview for the new book "Missing You"

May 15th!
John waite is currently in New York, doing a series of interviews to promote his album "Best"
In this first interview John Waite talkes to Bloomberg’s Kathleen Hays on Bloomberg Radio’s "The Hays Advantage." about the writing of Missing You and how the song came about!

May 10th !

This is a previously unreleased song:
Chasing Down The Wind

May 8th new interview:

A conversation with John Waite: by Michael Cavacini;

 photo 10341513_630644733687358_773942217564738214_n_zpsdef16b68.jpg

April 29th!

Full interview with our John Waite in Legendary Rock Interviews:

Read the full story here: Legendary Rock April 29th 2014

 photo 1001959_10152148494248440_6107762187910105900_n_zps24a9e7a9.jpg

April 20th.

New pictures of Miami show:

 photo 1912506_3980617411046_397032217_n_zpsaed8b605.jpg

 photo 10153904_729936673724303_6848769556350798914_n_zps0b792fd4.png

"BEST" new album, with new acoustic versions added !!

Due to the released in several months 2014 the new album for John Waite !!

With a new version on the Missing You 2014.

Available on  photo 97ae20b4-2004-4ddc-a9ed-2768694ca86f_zps60d6350e.jpg

John Waite's thoughts :

John Waite's thought on this :

"Really looking forward to Milan! Haven't been there since I left Bad English. I took some time off and stayed for two weeks. Would be nice to play more European dates although America seems to be heating up. BEST is an 18 song retrospective rather than just a greatest hits so there's a story behind the cd. It's kind of a look back with a couple of new versions and a live surprise! My fingers are firmly crossed !!!!!!!!!"

 photo 1939940_711800115537959_1931414483_n_zps67531ead.jpg

 photo 97ae20b4-2004-4ddc-a9ed-2768694ca86f_zps60d6350e.jpg


New European date added !!!

May 3rd Frontiers festival, Milan Italy: John Waite and band live



 photo frontiers_rock_festival_manifestolow_zpsc1ba0cb7.jpg

John Waite will be featured in a 12 pages long article in March issue of the famous Goldmine magazine, issue March 2014
A well earned and long deserved real hommage and tribute for the grand vocalist.
many say still the best male vocalist there is !
Who sounds on his latest live album release "All Acces" like never before.
All the critics confess: his voices has never been better !
In this edition of Goldmine a long interview, and John Waite's short insights and reviews on all of his albums.
Including The Babys, Bad English and is 10 solo albums.

Goldmine march 2014 photo Goldmine_zps3e7777d1.jpg

 photo ae88d374-4dfb-4a8f-94d9-3a4f7050c0fc_zps7c5545ee.jpg