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So upset I missed the Kettering OH show. Hope you are back in Ohio soon. Huge Fan of all your music ,

Sylvia - 22-09-2013 - 00:23

John was in Sioux City, IA. last weekend for Awesome Biker Nights. Awesome show. John was very personable and I saw something special. He sang Acapella When I see you smile.. wow. He is one great performer.
Mark Schuetz

Mark Schuetz - 22-06-2013 - 06:26

Great, that there are three live recordings of Rough and Tumble tracks. Great, that the remarkable Saturday Night gets a chance...

On the other hand only eight tracks and nearly half of those tracks have been on the In Real Time live album. That is rather boring and just not enough music.

I wished some rarely played tracks and maybe some nver before plaed BE would have made their way...

DEF - 13-06-2013 - 22:14

I am bored. What is up with the live album and with the rare song played live. Nothing seems to happen for month now. I will not check back for some month, cos it is a waste of time. JW seems to be quite inactive and with Kelli another guitar player seems to be gone. I will quit reporting about some media JW receives over in Europe. It is not much media and if I make the effort to translate it into english and it is not displayed here, I will make a lot better use of my time.

def - 01-04-2013 - 00:11


Love u can't wait too meet u tomorrow night

Judy - 31-01-2013 - 23:45

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