Australian Tour

John Waite is doing his first ever tour( after 40 years) in Australia
The welcome has been tremendous.

John has been on Australian national TV shows, like The Today show!
I've tried to put up a special page with the posts news, performances and interviews that are done in Down Under.

First quote from John Waite on Facebook

"Shows have been strong and we have moved Isnít It Time, Imaginary Girl and Downtown into the set. Australia has me ! Iím into it !
This is a whole new world and the vibe is great !
Sarah McLeod is operating on a level thatís somewhere above the sky and the band seem to be having a ball.
If there is a god he could have an Aussie accent ! Gíday mates !!!!"

When I see You Smile ( The Today Show)

Missing You on The Today Show.

From the first live show Twins Head:
Tears, Imaginary Girl, If You Ever get Lonely

Sarah McLeod who is on tour with John Waite on this tour :

So itís official John Waite is my hero. Iíve done two gigs with him now and his songs and voice are blowing my mind. Trust me, come and see him sing if you can, heís just incredible!

Interview with Sandy Kaye.
Singer, songwriter John Waite canít believe how lucky he is to have finally made it down-under. Waite first gained recognition in the late 70ís as the bassist and lead singer of The Babys with hits like ĎMissing YouĒ "Isnít It Time" and "Every Time I Think Of You". Despite a longing to get here, it has taken 40 years and he is every bit as excited as we are to have him. As Johnís semi-acoustic ĎWooden Heart 2í tour kicks off, he chats with me here about his philosophy on money, music and driving his car off a cliff.

John Waite on SKIPI TV : two acoustic songs: Missing You, Downtown

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